The Story

There weren’t many options for men’s underpants in 1999. It was at this time that James Kang, had been pondering why there were so many options for women’s undergarments. That’s when a very good idea came to him, “Why not take the same concept of a women’s bra and transform it into, for example, a pouch for a man?” That’s it! Brilliant! That’s how the concept of men’s underwear with an innovative pouch, and the “King Size” brand was born in Taiwan, which was changed to the current “King Style” in 2003. 

King Style expands into overseas markets around the world, including Japan (2002), United States (2004) and China (2006). Through the efforts of our distributors and dealers around the world, King Style is renowned for the uniqueness of “pouched underwear”. 

2005 King Style created 2 ways – 5 styles of products design which inclusive of series A, B, C, D, and E. Now, they offer 5 series of men’s underwear, each with its own unique features. 

2015 & future Malaysian dealer becomes the member of King Style. Our philosophy is “Unique Elegant Fashionable”. Providing good quality of men’s underpants for you is our pleasure.

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