Theory & Functions

King Style underwear allows you to show your own character. The sophisticated design gives a material that has ventilation, comfort and elegance for men. The unique underwear design is patented in many countries such as Australia, Taiwan, United States, Japan and China.

The unique features of this underwear are :

  • - Built-in double pouch
  • - Keep the balls in comfort
  • - Looks more manhood and bulging
  • - Up lifting design
  • - Extra layer support
  • - Fly opening top and sides
  • - Clean and provides ventilation

Pouched underwear creates a comfortable space for a man’s treasure.


  • - provide better airflow to the testicles.
  • - allow the skin to be properly separated.

You’ll immediately feel a difference:

  • - Underwear that fits so perfectly, it’s as if you’re not wearing any at all!

Switch to King Style. Switch for life, and enjoy these benefits:

  • - King Style underwear will keep your balls cooler, resulting in better sperm health and decreased impotence. Your balls will thank you!
  • - help to improve straighter penis development in adolescence

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